Preliminary test
Good afternoon. This is a short questionnaire for 3-5 minutes that will allow you to understand the minimum level of skills to work in our team.
If these questions cause you difficulty, you will most likely not be selected further.


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1. In the body of the site inserted <?php echo "Hello world!" ?>, will this code be displayed on the site and why? *
2. Bought a fresh domain for your site in the zone .net, connected everything strictly according to the instructions, go to your site under the new domain (, and it does not open. What is the most likely cause of the fact that the site is not loaded? *
3. '5' + '6' === 56 ? True or false? How to make the answer be the opposite without changing the numbers, JS language. *
4. You are in Russia, go to Yandex and read the morning news. You need to know what news Yandex gives out for the inhabitants of Madrid. How to do it? (You can't contact residents of Madrid) *
5. How often does a program you have written compile without errors and work the first time? *
6. The correct answer to the question what recursion is is *
7. There are three poles in front of you, and the one in the middle has an ad on it. On which pole does the announcement hang? *
8. Which promotion is better: "Order 1 liter of coffee and get a 20% discount" or "Order 4 cups of coffee and get 5 as a gift"? A cup of coffee - 200 ml. *
9. What is the point of not supporting Docker in the new version of Kubernetes? *
10. List the main advantages of GCP over other ecosystems (Azure, AWS) *